In 2005 Audioengine was founded with a simple goal: Build products that sound great, are easy to use, and make people want to listen to music every day. Audioengine’s core products are powered speakers; all-in-one music systems which allow you to connect all your devices wirelessly (or wired) for great stereo sound.

Audioengine designs innovative music systems that work with all your favorite gear, devices, and streaming apps. No matter how you connect and listen, we’ve got you covered. Our products are purpose-built for the way people listen to music today. Whether you plan on streaming music from your phone, listening to music from your laptop while studying in your dorm room, or dusting off that vintage turntable, our products have a place in your life. The song remains the same with Audioengine– we really love music and our passion is to make your music sound as fantastic as it can. And even if you don’t consider yourself an audiophile, we guarantee you will hear the difference!

Powered Speakers

Now we’re talking. When most people think Audioengine, they think powered speakers (sometimes called “active speakers”). Our powered speakers use only class A/B discreet amplifiers designed by our engineers. Coupled with braced and damped enclosures, plus proprietary drivers, our powered speakers are sure to impress.

Powered Subwoofers

If you like deep bass, but want it to sound natural, you’re in the right place.

Wireless Adapters

Audioengine offers high quality wireless solutions for a variety of applications. Whether you need to transmit audio from your smartphone, computer, or even a turntable, we have easy to use options that don’t compromise on sound quality.

Speaker Stands

Max out your audio performance by adding Audioengine’s quality speaker stands to your setup. Take control of your speaker placement while reducing unwanted resonance and surface vibration.