Focal 2-Way 4 Driver Bi-Polar Surround Speakers (Chorus SR900 BLK)


  • Designed &amp, Manufactured in France
  • 2X 6.5″ Flax Drivers
  • 40-200w Power Handling

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Chorus SR 700

2-way sealed surround effect speaker

Attractively designed, the Chorus SR 700 surround speaker incorporates the Polyglass speakers from the Chorus 700 range into a very slim, compact rear speaker.  Brilliant in its performance, elegant in its finish, discreet in its compact dimensions, the SR 700 is just made for your lounge wall. Ideal to fill large surround spaces, it is the perfect partner to the multi-channel Chorus 700 speakers.

Discreet wall-mounting

The Chorus SR 700 comes complete with a Polyfix® fixing system to ensure it is robustly secured to the wall. Light in weight (4.7 kg), but this premium speaker does not lose any of its performance on account of this. Its aluminium/magnesium alloy inverted dome TNV2 tweeter eliminates sound distortions, giving rein to the emotion of its high definition, creating total, 3 dimensional immersion. It also benefits from new Poron suspension which sweetens the audio performance of the highs.

High power 5.1

Used in combination with Chorus 726 tower speakers, a CC 700 centre speaker and a sub-woofer, the SR 700 surround speakers form a particularly effective 5.1 speaker set-up. This Focal speaker pack successfully meets the challenge of producing hifi sound and guaranteeing astonishing flexibilityof use, whether for home cinema or music listening.

Key features

• Speakers designed, developed and manufactured in France by Focal.
• Exceptional audio and manufacturing quality in this price range.
• Black Satin finish.


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